Is Coronavirus changing the way we do things?

We have been asked this by a few people.

Our workers in China are safe, and have this week informed us that they are ready to start working again, producing and distributing AppSTER SD Cards. We had stopped the distribution of SD cards, at the height of restrictions in China, but have recently placed and order ready to be copied and distributed.

We had been hoping to send a team later this year, but for now all plans for teams are on hold and we will review this later in the year.

It is around this time of year that we would normally start attending conferences and exhibitions around the UK. As most of these have been cancelled this year,  it reduces our ability to attract new supporters.

For now, we can continue to pray!

What can you do?

  • Pray with us.
  • Continue to send in donations, we need these enable us to do what we do in supporting our brothers and sisters in China and to supply SD cards.
  • Share with friends, family and your church about the needs in China. Perhaps you can share a REACH Brief with them, mention China in prayer meetings, we will gladly provide prayer material for you. #prayforchina

May God bless you in these times of uncertainty.Brother Archie